Joint Community Projects

Visiting the Community Affected by Coastal Erosion at Batu Pahat, Johor


UKM-YSD Chair in Climate Change


In collaboration with: 

Institute of Climate Change, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

The community engagement was held on 2-3 June 2015 initiated by the Chair to visit the communities that were affected by accelerated coastal erosion and sea level rise at area Terminal Feri Batu Pahat, Kg. Tanjung Segenting, Kg. Sungai Ayam, Jeti Parit Botak, and Kg. Sungai Punggor via boat. Participants observed settlement areas affected by sea level rise and erosion, palm oil plantations affected by saline intrusion, and discussed with the affected community on the problem they faced and their strategies in coping with the issues. Government agencies from the Institute of National Hydraulic Research (NAHRIM), Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS), 

Department of Environment (DOE) and Marine Department, Batu Pahat were also involved.

Parallel to this programme, the Chair also organised a Community Programme with Kg. Sungai Ayam Laut residents including the kids. The kids from Tadika Kemas Kg. Sungai Ayam was introduced to the biological diversity in the oil palm ecosystem from the brief talk given by the facilitators. The highlighted programme to the kids was the colouring competition of our Skuad Palma’s mascot Elaeis (the oil palm).

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