Joint Community Projects

PINTAR-UKM Sustainability and Green Technology through iG-HOME (Inovasi Rumah Lestari) Module


Yayasan Hasanah 



PINTAR Foundation 


In collaboration with:

UKM-YSD Chair in Climate Change, Institute of Climate Change, and Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

This programme was implemented in Kedah from May 2017 to 7 August 2018. In all, a total of 1,200 students, 59 teachers and 30 secondary schools had successfully participated in this programme. This programme is an initiative to inculcate students with interest in science, technology, environment and mathematics (STEM) education. From the survey, about 77% teachers responded that they are interested to continue the iG-HOME Programme in their school with their own resources and 84% students interest practice and apply iG-HOME concept at school. This project was led by Mrs. Shahrom Md. Zain.

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