Media Highlight

MyIKLIM during Universiti Malaya Open Science (UMOS)

Picture credited by : Institute of Climate Change, UKM

PERDANA SISWA COMPLEX, UM, June 6 — UKM-YSD Sustainability Chair MyIKLIM portal promotion together with the Climate Change Institute at the exhibition booth in conjunction with the Launch and Inauguration of the Universiti Malaya Open Science (UMOS) Initiative Awareness Program.


Many thanks to the guests of honor and participants who visited the exhibition booth. Puan Hazami Habib (Chief Executive Officer, Academy of Science Malaysia) was also willing to take the time to stop by the MyIKLIM booth.

Dr. Wee Hin Boo, Research Fellow of the Institute of Climate Change and as the Technical Head of MyIKLIM led the promotion of the MyIKLIM portal and IPI today.


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