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Congratulations MyIKLIM! 🎉

Pengiktirafan Projek Penyelidikan Gegar Gamar Pemacu Perubahan UKM


Congratulations to the entire MyIKLIM team on receiving high recognition and a 4 STAR rating for the research project ”Towards One-stop Data Curation Portal for Climate Change Research in Malaysia”! This outstanding achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in developing the MyIKLIM climate data portal.

Specifically, congratulations to Professor Dr. Mohd Nizam Mohd Said, project lead and Head of Climate Change Mitigation Research at UKM-YSD Sustainability Chair, for spearheading this impactful initiative, researchers at the Institute of Climate Change (IPI), whose expertise and efforts were instrumental in building the portal and UKM-YSD Sustainability Chair for funding and supporting this project.

The success of MyIKLIM demonstrates UKM’s leadership in climate change research and dedication to progressing sustainability efforts in Malaysia. We hope this will become the main data portal for climate research in the country. 

Let’s aim for 6 stars in another round! 🎉




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