About Us


MyIKLIM is a one-stop data center where users can access user-friendly research data related to the environment and climate change in Malaysia. It is a project under the UKM-YSD Chair for Sustainability under the Climate Change Mitigation  Thrust Area.

The data are mainly provided and/or processed by researchers in a form that can be easily understood by the public. It is an interactive and informative platform where users can extract the information they need and get to know the people who are behind the dataset if they like to seek more information.

Meanwhile, it provides unprecedented exposure for researchers to share their interesting findings with the public.

MyIKLIM YSD Database
UKM-YSD Chair for Sustainability

The UKM-YSD Chair for Sustainability is focusing on the direct participation of community and the industry to tackle sustainability challenges specifically focusing on SDG1-No Poverty, SDG4-Quality Education, SDG9-Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG12-Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG13-Climate Change. The sustainability initiatives will be based on multi-disciplinary and multi-organization approach representing the community, industry, government agencies and the academia. It is currently managed by Dr. Peer Mohamed. The Chair will also leverage on existing and new smart partnerships with local and international collaboration for its sustainability initiative. 

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